UK Medical Schools: Training Status

Since we launched this campaign, we have contacted all medical schools in the UK to assess whether they are delivering effective education on eating disorders to their students and support them to make improvements. We have published a full definition of “effective training on eating disorders” which was developed alongside clinicians from medical schools, future doctors and our Clinical Advisory Group – you can view this here.

Below is a summary of the training delivered by UK medical schools. Please note that this is our understanding of training offered, which is based on information supplied to us by medical schools.

*If we receive new information, we will update this list accordingly.

Effective eating disorders education is provided to all medical students:

Anglia Ruskin University

Aston University

University of Bristol

University College London

University of East Anglia

University of Glasgow

University of Hull and York

King's College London

University of Leicester

University of Lincoln

University of Nottingham

University of Oxford

Queen Mary University of London

Queen’s University Belfast

School is in the process of introducing effective eating disorders education to all medical students but this is not yet fully in place:

University of Buckingham

University of Dundee

*Edge Hill University

*Kent and Medway Medical School (Plans for curriculum delivery include provision of effective eating disorders education to all medical students at different stages of the curriculum.)

University of Manchester

University of Plymouth

University of Sheffield

*Ulster University

*New medical schools developing their curriculum for the first time

Some eating disorders education is available but this is limited and/or not a compulsory part of the curriculum for all medical students:

University of Birmingham

Imperial College London

School has responded positively to questions about training on eating disorders and we await further information regarding this:

University of Aberdeen

Universities of Brighton & Sussex

University of Cambridge

Cardiff University

University of Edinburgh

University of Exeter

Keele University

University of Liverpool

University of Southampton

St George's University of London

University of Sunderland

Swansea University

University of Warwick

Insufficient response or no response:

University of Central Lancashire

Lancaster University

University of Leeds

Newcastle University

School does not intend to provide adequate education on eating disorders to medical students: