Be Bright and Bold in School

Be Bright and Bold in School this EDAW!

Fundraising at school is an amazing way to raise awareness of eating disorders, so we can be there for those affected.

It’s also really fun!

To get started, ask your head teacher or school council if you can host a Bright and Bold fundraiser for Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022.

Easy fundraising ideas

How to get started

Create a Just Giving page to start your fundraising!

Tips for your fundraising

Be Bright and Bold

Download our ‘Celebrate You’ posters and get creative with your students. Our aim is to help them develop and promote positive self-esteem — and this activity gives them the chance to explore and celebrate their creative talents.

It will leave them feeling proud and confident about their unique gifts (and those of others).

Tips for teachers 

If you’re worried about a pupil, head to for tips on spotting the signs and future training day dates.

Feeling proud? Share your poster and tag us on Instagram @beatedsupport or Twitter @beatED. Use #EDAW2022 to raise awareness and support people affected by eating disorders. For extra downloads, head to

Download Our 'Celebrate You' Poster