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People with eating disorders rely on GPs to pick up early warning signs. But the average GP gets less than two hours training on eating disorders throughout their entire medical degree. There are some brilliant GPs out there, but whether someone is met with the skills and understanding needed is often down to luck. For those who are unlucky, the consequences can be devastating.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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When it’s hit and miss

Dave and Zoe’s experiences with their GPs couldn’t be more different – and neither could the impact on their recovery.

“Giving me that space and realising this could be the start of a process rather than just a one-off appointment really helped me.”

― Dave Chawner

“When I finally brought up my eating disorder, my GP looked at me up and down and said, ‘I think you’ll be fine.’ I felt so ashamed, I didn’t seek help again.”

― Zoe John

Help us provide a safe space for anybody with an eating disorder

Let’s not leave it to luck

In the future, we want everyone to have an experience like Dave’s.

With our medical training, we can start to make it happen. But in the meantime, no one should have to wait for support. Beat is here for people like Zoe when they’re faced with a GP who doesn’t understand, or a long waiting list for specialist treatment.

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