Ways To Get Involved

This Eating Disorders Awareness Week we're campaigning for all UK medical schools and foundation programmes to introduce proper training on eating disorders. Your voice and support will help us to make this happen!

Speak Up. Sharing any positive or negative experiences with your GP will help us showcase the difference knowledge, understanding and compassion can make for someone who is struggling.

Step up. Your fundraising and generous donations will help to amplify our call for proper training on eating disorders to be adopted by all UK Medical Schools and Foundation programmes.

Skill up. With the tools and the time to understand eating disorders, our future GPs will be better equipped to make crucial, life-changing interventions.

Join our campaign for change now and we'll update you on our progress plus more ways you can get involved.

If you want to know more, check out the medical training we've developed and find out how this year's campaign came about.

Webinar: Worth More Than 2 Hours - Time To Take Action

Join Beat's Campaigns Team as they discuss the importance of comprehensive medical training, the Worth More Than 2 Hours campaign so far and how you can get involved!

Get Involved

Share our campaign on social media!

Your generous donations allow us to support people in need!

Sign our open letter calling for change from UK Medical Schools!

Your donations will amplify our call for comprehensive medical training and allow us to support those in need right now.