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EDAW 2023

“He just loves to work out.” “He’s just a picky eater.”  “That’s just him.” “He’s just going through a phase.”

Around 1 in 4 people with eating disorders are men. And yet in 2023, their symptoms can still go unnoticed by those around them.

We’d sooner put the signs down to fussy eating, a busy schedule — even a cry for attention. Right? Not quite.

Just like Bruno, “we don’t talk about” eating disorders in men.

Just like the reboot of Cats, they can’t be brushed under the carpet (try as we might).

And just like The Da Vinci Code, they can be pretty hard to crack.


To better understand these complex mental illnesses — and put gender stereotypes to bed — we launched the UK’s biggest survey to date on men’s experiences with eating disorders.

Of those that took part, 1 in 3 had never accessed treatment. 1 in 5 had never spoken out about their struggles. And 4 in 5 felt raising awareness would help more men get treatment sooner.


This Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we asked you to help us set the record straight:

Yes — men get eating disorders.

But really, stranger things have happened.

Like and share our video, find further information, and download our resources to #HelpMenGetHelp.


From start to finish, a remarkable group of men helped guide our campaign. Men across the UK, who’ve battled different eating disorders — and come out the other side.

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